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School’s Strategic Directions


The Hong Wen Arrow of Excellence (AOE) provides an overview of the school’s key fundamentals and strategic direction that will support the school in achieving its mission and vision. The base of AOE outlines the key fundamentals which include the school’s Philosophy (Rootedness and Innovation), Motto (Honesty, Perseverance, Diligence, Thrift), School Values (R3ICE) and Key Success Factors (Be Positive, Work as a Team, Give of our Best). The philosophy of ‘Rootedness and Innovation’ is clearly reflected in the school crest, in which the ‘Rice Grain’ and ‘Gear’ symbolise ‘Rootedness’ and ‘Innovation’ respectively. The philosophy exhorts all members of the school community to be firmly grounded in our Chinese heritage and values, while embracing the spirit of continual learning and innovation. The arrow head of AOE delineates the desired attributes for both staff (CARE:Can-Do Spirit, Add-Value, Reflective, Energise) and students (Filial to Parents, Passion for Learning, Gracious in Action), supported by the Culture of Care and Culture of Learning.



The Desired Outcomes of Hong Wen Education (DOE) outlines the holistic educational outcomes of all Hong Wen students. It illustrates how Values, Skills & Knowledge (VSK) can be demonstrated and developed through the 5 domains (Moral, Cognitive, Physical, Social, Aesthetics).

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