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Department Staff


Mrs Lim-Ong Yu Yan (HOD/SC) Mdm Eunice Tan (SSD)
Mdm Mok Chuay Fun (ST / SC) Ms Michelle Tan
Mr Jason Tan Mr Mohd Zaifar
Ms Kow Bi Xia Ms Tan Li Ying Marilyn
Ms Farah Aqilah

Key Information

Science Department

In line with the MOE’s Science Curriculum Framework, our Science Department adopts Inquiry-based Learning as the key pedagogy to develop critical thinking skills, positive attitudes and curiosity in the teaching and learning of Science.

Apart from day-to-day science lessons that are designed using the 5E Learning Cycle, the Science Department has also created additional resources to support inquiry-based learning in Science. This includes the Process Skills Package (PSP) and the Scientists@Work package.

Using the PSP, pupils are taught explicitly the different types of process skills while with the Scientists@Work package, pupils get to apply the process skills learnt through conducting investigations that are carried out over a period of time. This allows pupils to acquire process skills in context through first-hand experience as well as understand experimental design better.

For the P3 and P4 pupils, these investigations will culminate in their Young Innovators’ Project (YIP) and selected winning projects will be exhibited on Innovation Day. Through this, we hope to develop our pupils into collaborative and self-directed learners.

The Science Department has also designed a customised Science Journal as one of the key strategies to support Inquiry Based Learning. This Customised Science Journal provides a more structured approach for pupils to do journaling. The new features in the Journal book also encourage inquiry in pupils by getting them to ask questions, and reflective thinking when they reflect on their learning. Lastly, this is a useful tool to make pupils’ thinking visible to provide feedback to teachers.

Young Innovators’ Project


Farm of Hope

We have also started the Hong Wen Farm of HOPE (Healthy Organically Produced Eco-greens) to inculcate in pupils the values of responsibility and compassion. The Science Representatives are involved in looking after the organic plots at different stages of the plants’ life cycle.  The harvested sweet potato leaves are donated to Willing Hearts on a monthly basis.


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