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Pupil Management

Pupil Management

Committee Staff

Mr Alvin Lim (HOD / Pupil Management)

Ms Michelle Tan (Coordinator / Pupil Management)

Pupil Leadership Character-Based Discipline Pastoral Care
Ms Chung Xingyi Mrs Chiam Heng Chek Mdm Lee Bee Har (SC)
Ms Gwendolyn Neo Mrs Luo-Tan Min Leng Mr James Goh (AED/LBS)
Ms Cheryl Lee Mr Shen Weixiong Mdm Alice Koh (AED/LBS)


EAGLES LLP – Everyone A Gracious LEader who contributes to Society

(Learning for Life Programme)

Pupils have the opportunity to take on class-based and school-based leadership positions so as to grow in leadership values, skills and knowledge. Pupils also contribute to the community through class-wide, level-wide and school-wide VIA activities.


Character-Based Discipline

Discipline guides pupils in the internalisation of values and behaviours, so that they can learn and grow. Pupils also learn to take responsibility for their actions and work towards the goal of self-discipline.


Pastoral Care

Our School Counsellor and Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support) provide pupils with social, emotional and behavioural guidance so as to support them in their learning.



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