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Committee Staff


Mdm Mok Chuay Fun (ST / Science ) Mr Young KM (OM)
Ms Marilyn Tan Li Ying Mdm Tay Shuwen Sabrina
Ms Ng Hui Min Ms Chua Wee Ting (AED)

Key Information

Hong Wen School has always been proud of the environmental efforts put in by its students and staff. Its vibrant and diversified programmes have seen students being actively involved in reducing, reusing, recycling and conserving resources like water and electricity.

Each year, our staff and students are actively involved with:

  • Class recycling
  • Pull-tab collection (a collaborative project with Lions Club Singapore)
  • Our Great Exchange (promoting reusing of items)
  • Pass It On (promoting reusing for staff)
  • Youth for the Environment Activities
  • No Waste Day Challenge
  • Donation of Used Textbooks (promoting reusing of items)
  • Environmental Outreach
  • Other environmental activities with external agencies

The concerted efforts of the school community have raised the level of environmental awareness and promote greater care for the environment.

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