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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


2016 年是让人振奋的一年,在宏文的发展里程碑中意义非凡。学校在去年荣获由教育部授予的最高荣誉 ‐“优异学校奖”,也同时获颁五项“最佳治校奖”殊荣。这五个奖项分别是:品德与公民教育、教学、学生全面发展、教职员福利与发展以及伙伴关系。这进一步肯定和表彰了宏文在各个领域中的努力和成果。





The year 2016 was a significant milestone in Hong Wen School’s journey as an educational institution. Hong Wen School is honoured to be conferred the School Distinction Award by the Ministry of Education, and given the Best Practice Awards in 5 areas, namely, Character and Citizenship Education, Teaching and Learning, Student All‐Round Development, Staff Well‐Being and Development, and Partnership. This further affirms the school’s hard work and positive outcomes in providing the best possible education for our children.

Hong Wen School’s sterling achievements today is the result of the labour of love within our community – our School Management Committee members, school leaders, teachers, alumni and parents, past and present – who pulled together to build on the good work of every successive generation, anchored on our collective educational philosophy. This has enabled the school to move with the times in the midst of changes in our education landscape, whilst staying true to our mission and school ethos.

I wish to thank all our dedicated teachers who have selflessly given their best to achieve our various successes, as well as our School Management Committee, Alumni Association and Parents Support Group for their unwavering commitment towards the school.

In the new year 2017, let us continue to work together in this journey of excellence and strengthen the fine traditions of Hong Wen School. Character education is an important foundation of the Hong Wen Education and it gives me great pride to see our Hong Wen pupils possess the attributes of “Filial to Parents, Passion for Learning and Gracious in Action”.

Poon Siow Leng


Hong Wen School

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